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Apartments in Kiev have a 7,67 out of 10 point rating based on 117 opinions.

An introduction to Kiev

Kiev is one of the largest cities in Europe and the largest Ukrainian-speaking city in the world. It has only recently arrived on the radar of international travellers, but has enjoyed a steady increase in tourism since the introduction of the visa-free regime for EU members and Switzerland in 2005. The city has a number of major tourist attractions, including historic buildings and sacred sites, and visitors are typically stunned and inspired by the grand architecture of this former European power.


Kiev in brief

The capital city of Ukraine is located in the north central part of the country, on the Dnieper River. It is one of the oldest cities in eastern Europe and has been the principal city of Ukraine since it gained independence from Russia in 1917. It was once one of the most powerful cities in Europe, lying on important trade routes between the Baltic and the Mediterranean. However, over the course of its history it has suffered multiple periods of political turmoil and occupying regimes and has experienced extensive damage more than once. Many of the buildings that have survived or been restored are now regarded as world treasures.

What not to miss

Kiev is a scenic city that has been extensively restored, but it also has a number of historic buildings that date back several centuries. Here are some of the highlights that are sure to impress anyone staying in holiday apartments in Kiev:

Cathedral of St. Sophia - This outstanding complex has foundations dating back to 1037. Originally acting as the burial place of Kievan rulers, the cathedral was damaged in the 16th century and was lucky to survive destruction at the hands of the Soviet regime in the 1920s and 30s. It is now one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine and is featured on the World Heritage List.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Monastery of the Caves) - This is an ancient Orthodox Christian monastery, founded in 1051. It features a number of architectural monuments, including the Great Lavra Belltower - constructed in the 18th century - and a system of underground caves.

Golden Gate - Constructed in the 11th century and reconstructed in the 1980s, the Golden Gate of Kiev acts as a beautiful entryway to the old city.

Cathedral of St. Volodymyr - Located in the centre of Kiev, this is regarded to be the 'mother cathedral' of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The cathedral came into existence in 1859 and features an attractive Byzantine design, with colourful mosaics, frescoes and bronze sculptures.

How to get to the city

Kiev has two international airports - Boryspil Airport (30km from the city) and Zhulyany Airport on the outskirts of the city. Once inside Kiev, much of the city is covered by the publicly owned Kiev Metro (underground), while buses and trolleybuses are gradually replacing the old tram system.

When to go

Summer can be extremely hot in Ukraine, while winter is cold but beautiful. The best times to visit Kiev tend to be spring and autumn.

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