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The landmarks that have to be seen here include the Cathedral, the Quattro Canti crossroads, the Archeological Museum, the Catacombs of the Capuchin convent and the Palazzo dei Normanni, all set close to the apartments in Palermo on our list. Other places that are interesting to be seen include the street markets, the Piazza Pretoria with its fountain, the marble Gesu Church and the old church San Giovanni degli Eremit, also near the Palermo lodging presented here.For the free time, the city offers many family restaurants serving pasta, outdoor cafes where one can taste a real Italian coffee and shops selling the typical, locally produced ice-cream known as gelato.


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Sicily’s chief city and administrative center, as well as the Province of Palermo’s capital, Palermo is situated upon the northwestern coast of Sicily. Palermo’s inhabitants are called the Palermitani. Inland from the coast, the city is surrounded by a fertile plain called the Conca d'Oro, which means “Golden Shell”. Citrus groves are planted upon this plain, beyond which rise the picturesque mountains. To the north of the city stands Mount Pelegrino at a height of 1,988 feet (606 m).

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